'UFO' Shaped Clouds Makes It Seem Like Aliens Are Invading South Africa

Mother nature was showing off again, this time causing the residents of Cape Town South Africa to wonder if UFOs were taking over the city.

The skies were filled with clouds that bore an uncanny resemblance to UFOs and made quite an impression on the locals, who took to social media to document the sight.

UFO's over Cape Town 👽 #lenticularclouds #Capetown #ishootwithorms #tablemountain

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The incredible display is technically known as lenticular clouds and according to meteorologists, they form when wet winds blow over rough terrain.

CNN's meteorologist called for calm, describing the phenomenon on his Facebook page as "fairly common."

"They form when conditions are just right. Air flows along the surface of the earth and reaches some sort of obstruction like a mountain or valley. Probably in this case, Table Mountain, Signal Hill or even the Overberg Mountains upstream from Cape Town," he explained.

"The obstruction diverts the flow of the moving air which creates wind "eddies." When this disrupted air flow has stable moist air within it, a series of large-scale standing waves can develop on the downwind side."

Here are a few shot of those spectacular lenticular clouds.

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