UFO In Japan: Footage Shows 10 Glowing Lights Float Across Osaka

Swarm Of 10 UFOs Captured Hovering Above Japan

A swarm of UFOs have been caught on camera in Japan's port city of Osaka. The footage, which has been viewed almost nine thousand times, was released on a Japanese YouTube channel.

Spherical objects glowing white can be seen flying across the sky in the low-quality video and some users have speculated they are evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

The Japanese UFO sighting closely resembles a similar sighting in London, where concert-goers witnessed bright lights overhead in Hyde Park.

Osaka, Japan, where the objects were caught on camera

YouTube user Todd Johnson commented: "I know there is something out there."

The sighting in London was very brief, with the objects disappearing within seconds, making it a difficult to form a comparison.

The objects were seen during a concert and the footage was captured on a smartphone while the indie band Blur were performing.

An explanation for these sightings that does not rely on the existence of little green men could be cloud formations.

Lenticular clouds are often mistaken for being UFO's and are usually created by gravity waves.

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