Worldwide UFO Cover-Up Is Real Claims Former Canadian Defence Minister

Former Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer has claimed that there is a global cover-up of the existence of UFOs calling for governments to release the 'UFO files' into the public domain.

As the keynote speaker of the "Disclosure Canada Tour" Hellyer commented that 'UFOs are as common in our skies as airplanes', according to CTV news.

Hellyer isn't the first government official to make such a claim. Senior White House Advisor John Podesta admitted upon retiring that his biggest regret was, 'once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files.'

Government organisations have always remained traditionally silent on the subject of whether UFOs exist, however in December 2014 the CIA tweeted the astonishing claim that much of the reported UFO activity in the 60s had in fact, been them.

Interestingly Hellyer was defence minister for Canada during the 60s, of course whether or not the two things are connected or not is entirely open to speculation.

US Presidents have famously joked about the existence of 'Area 51' or the 'UFO files' with both Obama and Bill Clinton appearing on national chat shows to jokingly give the 'no comment' statement.