Boris Johnson admits relationship may be "imbalanced" in response to claims Harry Dunn's alleged killer worked for American security services.
Gina Haspel was involved in the waterboarding of one terror suspect 83 times in a month, to the point where doctors had to revive him.
That day in Baghdad I realised that not only was I good enough, I was actually a pretty incredible intelligence officer.
Who knew he was such a fan of David Attenborough?
Home movies of Al-Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden’s children and grandchildren have been released by the CIA. The never-before
The CIA has released a new tranche of information on materials seized from Osama bin Laden’s compound. A computer recovered
Lulu the black Labrador wasn’t cut out for a career as a bomb sniffer dog.
A former undercover CIA agent has so far raised over $35,000 in a bold attempt to purchase Twitter so she can stop Donald