Ben Carson Has Super Secret Intelligence That Proves The Chinese Are Fighting In The Syrian Civil War

The Chinese military is fighting in the Syrian civil war. That’s according to super secret files seen by Ben Carson, the current frontrunner in the Republican primary race.

The high-level information was first disclosed on Tuesday when Carson made the revelation about China's hitherto unknown foray into the Middle East during the primary debate in Milwaukee (see video above).

We also must recognise that it’s a very complex place,” Carson said on national TV. “You know, the Chinese are there, as well as the Russians, and you have all kinds of factions there.”

On Wednesday, reporters followed up with the former neurosurgeon asking for clarification on the statement regarding Beijing's military. Carson said, according to the data he had seen, the Chinese are definitely fighting in Syria.

On Wednesday, MSNBC asked Carson advisor Armstrong Williams the source of the campaign’s definitive evidence. Unfortunately, it was still far too top secret for public disclosure.

“From our own intelligence and what Dr Carson’s been told by people who are on the ground who are involved in that region of the world, it has been told to him many times over and over, that the Chinese are there,” Armstrong said.

On thursday, the issue then went all the way to the White House, with President Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice asked whether China is fighting in the Syria civil war. “I have not seen any evidence of Chinese military involvement in Syria,” she said through a smile.

Of course Rice would say that. Why would the White House national security advisor have access to the type of top-level military intelligence available to an evangelical from Michigan who thinks the pyramids were grain stores for the multi-coated Joseph?