There's A Cat Pub In Bristol And You're All Invited

Step aside cat cafe, now there's a new feline-filled establishment making the internet squeal in excitement.

The Bag O' Nails pub in Bristol is the proud home of over a dozen kittens and fat cats, who sprawl over punters and prop up the bar.

"The reaction is mostly positive. Occasionally you might have some people walking in and leaving and some might be allergic to cats but people love it."

But kittens aren't the only reason people are flocking to the pub. It is also known for its unique drinks selection, proudly serving thirty five world beers, ales and ciders.

According to the site, the pub does not sell draught lagers, Guinness or cider.

"It's a proper old fashioned pub. Coming here is all about beer and talking," Daniels said.

Daniels plays vinyl from his own record collection and encourages customers to bring their own, that, if suitable, they can play in the bar.

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