Tory MP Karl McCartney Wanted His Name To Look Different On Parliament's Website, It Would Cost £15,000

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A demand by a Tory MP that parliament change the way the letter "c" in his name is displayed on its website would cost as much as £15,000 of taxpayers money to fully implement.

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney was unhappy that the "c" in "Mc" was displayed as merely a lowercase "c" rather than in superscript in all Commons documents - including the Hansard record of parliamentary speeches and business.

A Freedom of Information Request submitted by The Huffington Post UK and published today revealed he told parliamentary authorities he wanted his name to be "spelt and represented correctly" (as seen on his website logo below).

When this request was first made in 2013, it was revealed that parliament's IT department spent £422.50 on making the changes to MPs' names on in the Oral Questions in the Commons Order Paper.

However this latest FOI shows it is estimated that introducing the change into Hansard, and by extension parliament's website, would cost between £10,000 and £15,000.

Commons authorities say no decision has yet been taken whether to go ahead and spend this money. An impact assessment is being carried out by the Parliamentary Digital Service which will provide an estimate of the total effort and time required to complete the change across all publications.