The Cobalt CO50 Valkyrie Isn't Just Stunning, It's The Fastest Private Aircraft In Its Class

If Batman Owned A Private Jet, It Would Be This

If the Spitfire is the classic car of a private plane collection then this Valkyrie is an Aston Martin. James Bond's Aston Martin to be precise.

It's the stunning new plane from Cobalt Aircraft and not only has the accolade of being of the most beautiful planes we've ever seen but being the fastest private plane in its category.

The CO50 Valkyrie accomplishes this by featuring a revolutionary design that places an extra 'canard' wing at the front and a single-piston propellor at the back of the aircraft.

By combining these two unique features the Valkyrie can boast not only a massive top speed of 300mph but also comes with the added benefit of being almost impossible to stall.

That extra canard at the front provides just enough extra lift to make sure that even if a pilot gets into trouble, the plane can fly unaided for long enough that any pilot can get themselves out of trouble.

Then of course there's the cockpit, a sleek sports car inspired affair that blends state-of-the-art onboard computers with the largest one-piece canopy in the world giving you an astonishing 320-degrees of view.

This isn't just a cramped two-seater either, the Valkyrie will happily fit up to five people, of course that really depends on how much luggage you'll be taking so maybe sacrifice a few friends.


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