Hungry, Hungry Hippos: The Human Edition Is Every Bit As Brilliant As It Sounds

Hungry, Hungry Hippos is a board game that has stood the test of time, as there is little kids love more than the opportunity to hit something really really hard, over and over again.

But not everyone was content with limiting their consumption of brightly coloured balls to the board. Increasing numbers of families and youth groups are sharing videos of themselves playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos, The Human Edition.


Posted by RantLifestyle on Wednesday, 2 September 2015

There have been some variations on the rules - for instance some choose to drag their "hippos" by their legs, while others attach ropes to skateboards or trolleys. But two things are vital: lots of coloured balls and an upturned washing basket or saucepan in which to catch them.

Be warned, once you've played this once, your children are unlikely to ever be satisfied by the traditional version again.