Rainbow Eyebrows Are Either The Stuff Of Nightmares Or Dreams For Your Christmas Party

Rainbow Eyebrows Are Like Unicorn Emojis But For Your Face

There's one sure-fire way to make an impact at your Christmas party: rainbow brows.

Sure it might look like you've channelled a TV kid's presenter on crack, but apparently this is the next big buzzy thing in the makeup world and was previously only the domain of beauty professionals.

But now, you can recreate the look at home - cosmetics brand Winky Lux revealed they are actually selling a rainbow palette made specifically for eyebrows.

"Rainbow brows is kind of a makeup artist exclusive...No one really knows how to do it unless you're in beauty," Winky Lux founder Natalie Mackey told Mashable. "We thought we would make it for everybody, so it’s very easy and all in one place."

While Winky Lux is based in the US and can ship out to the UK, you could recreate the look with a highly pigmented eyeshahow (MAC do some amazing ones).

Here's some inspiration:

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