Women Prefer Intellectual, Shy And Calm Men When Looking For Sperm Donor, Study Reveals

This Is What Women Look For In A Sperm Donor, According To Study

Women prefer intellectual, shy and calm men when looking for a sperm donor, a study has revealed.

The study, conducted by the Queensland University of Technology, revealed that women prefer methodical, geeky types over extroverted alpha males.

Co-author of the study Stephen Whyte said: "Women were far less likely to choose the sperm of fretful or socially awkward men but at the same time those with lively, extroverted personalities were also less successful in being chosen."

The participants for the study were aged between 23 and 66 and were from Australia, Canada, the UK, Italy, Sweden and the USA.

The study collected data from 56 men, via online sperm donations and websites across regulated (paid), semi-regulated and unregulated (free) services.

"This online donor market works quite differently to fertility clinics in that it facilitates more interaction between the recipient and the donor. This allows us to explore individual donor personality characteristics and how likely they are to be chosen by women as their donor," said Whyte.

"Research has previously shown humans are good at judging personality traits as well as levels of intelligence with only minimal exposure to appearance and behaviours, and our findings certainly seem to support that."

The study, 'Determinants of online sperm donor success: how women choose', was been published by the international journal Applied Economics Letters.