Police Officers Take Care Of Children (And The Dishes) When Mum-Of-Five Is Rushed To Hospital

A mum returned from an emergency trip to hospital to find her five kids fed and the dishes done by kind-hearted police officers who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Een andere kant van het politiewerkAfgelopen week kregen collega’s een melding in Woensel-Noord. Daar was zojuist ook...

Posted by Politie Eindhoven on Friday, 13 November 2015

In a Facebook post titled, Another Side Of Police Work, one of the officers' colleagues explained they had been called out to an incident in an area of Eindhoven, Netherlands, called Woensel-North.

Ambulances had been dispatched because a woman's blood sugar levels had dropped dangerously low.

The woman was rushed to hospital, leaving her five children home alone. So the police waited with the children before they could be transferred to someone else's care.

When the officers realised the kids hadn't had dinner they made fried egg sandwiches and prepared some fruit.

Then, as the Police Eindhoven Facebook post explains, "of course" they did the dishes.

Earlier this week another random act of kindness by a police officer came to light.

Kenya Joyner, of the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), was on patrol in New Jersey when he was called on by a bus driver, who complained one of the passengers wasn’t wearing shoes.

The officer escorted the man from the vehicle before disappearing only to return minutes later carrying a pair of boots he'd bought for the stranger.

The police officer provided shoes for the homeless man

Passerby Kayla Palmer caught the officer’s good deed on camera. Her video has since been watched more than 50,000 times since being uploaded to Facebook on Sunday.

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