'X Factor' Contestant Louisa Johnson Reveals 'Creepy' Twitter Messages From Fan With A Foot Fetish

‘X Factor’ singer Louisa Johnson has admitted she was left unsettled after receiving a slew of messages from an over-excited fan, who had a foot fetish.


Louisa claims that she was forced to block the mystery viewer who repeatedly sent her and fellow ‘X Factor’ contestants “creepy” Twitter messages about their feet.

Discussing the downsides of fame with The Mirror, the 17-year-old revealed: “We had a foot fetish man. He keeps asking us about our feet.

Louisa Johnson

Louisa is one of seven contestants remaining in this year’s ‘X Factor’, having so far avoided being in the bottom two.

Last week, viewers saw the double-departure of Max Stone and Monica Michael, though her exit was rather overshadowed by an incident involving Olly Murs moments before.

Following Monica’s sing-off against Anton Stephans, the judges were unable to decide which contestant to send home, with Olly prematurely announcing that Monica would be leaving the competition.

It was then left to Caroline Flack to jump in and insist the vote would actually be taken to deadlock, while Olly repeatedly apologised for his gaffe.

Fortunately, Monica has insisted she holds no hard feelings towards Olly, claiming: “He didn’t mean to do it, and he kept saying, ‘sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry’.”

‘X Factor’ continues on Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

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