BBC Question Time 'Zebra' Woman Explains Why We Shouldn't Call Isis 'Islamic'

'Zebra Woman' Wins Question Time With This Takedown Of Isis

A BBC Question Time audience member gave a strong argument on why the term "Islamic State" should be shunned, asking: "If I call myself a zebra, do you then refer to me as a zebra?"

The unnamed woman in Thursday's audience said that by referring to the terrorist organisation as "Islamic" it promotes the affiliation between Muslims and Isis.

Her comments came after a heated discussion among the show's panelists over whether or not Muslims should be more vocal in denouncing the actions of the terrorist group.

Audience member objects to calling the terrorist group 'Islamic State'

She said that the media "should take responsibility for propagating this affiliation between Muslims and Isis", adding that by using the term it "feeds into Islamophobia and alienates Muslims".

When asked by host David Dimbleby what her objection was to the use of the term, she responded: "It's not what you show but how you show it.

"For example I take objection to the fact that we even refer to the terrorist group as Islamic State... if I call myself a zebra, do you then refer to me as a zebra?"

Her comments were met with rapturous applause by the audience and her analogy was also welcomed by many on social media.

Piers Morgan was one of those to praise the woman's comment:

Many other viewers thought she made an excellent point:

"If I call myself a zebra, do you then have to refer to me as a zebra?" - best Audience comment of #BBCQT tonight

— Luke_yo (@luke3920) November 20, 2015

Others saw the humour in the idea that a "zebra" was on Question Time:

And some even thought they may have seen an "zebra" on the panel.

Earlier in the show, Evening Standard's owner, Evgeny Lebedev, said there should be a "march" of moderate Muslims.

Journalist Mehdi Hasan replied: "That implies that Muslims are especially responsible.

"I have nothing to do with Isis, my daughter has nothing to do with Isis, my 77-year-old father has nothing to do with Isis."

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