This Jewellery Designer Wants To Help Us Celebrate Our Periods

Celebrate Your Period With This Statement Jewellery

Ever dreamed of owning a period stain brooch, or a bejewelled sanitary pad ring?

It's now a possibility thanks to this London-based artist.

Lili Murphy-Johnson has created a range of period-themed jewellery in the hope of destigmatising menstruation and promoting equality for women.

Writing on her website, the 22-year-old artist said: "There is an interesting conflict with the perception of the female body, being seen as so perfect, yet also as so grotesque and unclean.

"Drug stores are oversaturated with products to manage periods, all playing up to the idea that periods are dirty and something wrong with the body, something to hide."

Murphy-Johnson told HuffPost UK Style that the menstruation-based pieces were inspired by her own experience of dealing with PMS around her period.

"The collection had three parts - one dealing with the pre-menstrual symptoms such as irritation, bloating and clumsiness, the second part dealing with the products people use for their periods, and the third with the blood itself," she said.

"I wanted to create jewellery out of traditional techniques and materials to create pieces that address issues not usually associated with jewellery."

She also revealed the reaction from her friends and tutors was very positive, although "some people were shocked, but in an amused way."

Her innovative work is already paying off - the young designer is currently working under renowned luxury jeweller Shaune Leane, despite only graduating from University of the Arts London this summer.

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