Twins Born With Different Skin Colours: 'Everybody Asks If They Are Related'

These seven-month-old twins were born just two minutes apart, yet people often question whether they are related.

Anaya has a skin tone similar to her mother's, while her sister Myla looks more like her father Kyle Armstrong.

Mum Hannah Yarker, 20, from Wythenshawe, told the Mirror: "Everybody comments on them. People say 'are they both yours?', 'are they sisters', 'are they related'?”

Hannah Yarker, Kyle Armstrong and twins Myla and Anaya

"Because they’re not identical twins they both developed in separate sacs," Yarker explains. "Myla's taken more of her dad’s genes and Anaya’s taken more of mine."

Yarker said when she fell pregnant, her family joked that she might have twins with different coloured skin.

When her daughters were born, her partner turned round and said to her "they actually are, we've got one of each".

However the new mum is worried how she will explain the girls' different skin tones as they grow older and go to school.

She said other children will inevitably wonder if the twins have the same parents, adding "kids can be quite brutal in a way."

The mum added: "We’ll just take it as it comes I suppose."

Anaya and Myla are "complete opposites" in their personality too

Yarker said her daughters seem to be opposite in every way.

"Myla is always on the move she’s already crawling, although backwards," the mum told Manchester Evening News.

"Anaya’s laid back, she can’t even sit up she just lies there!"

These seven-month-old twins aren't the first to be born with different skin colours.

Lucy is fair with straight ginger hair and blue eyes and Maria has darker skin with curly brown ringlets and brown eyes.

Lucy (left) and Maria (right)

Lucy and Maria's mother Donna is half-Jamaican, while their father Vince is white.

"Even when we dress alike, we still don’t look like sisters, let alone twins. Friends have even made us produce our birth certificates to prove it."

The pair have three older siblings, who they say are "somewhere in-between" them.