Woman Makes Sourdough Using Yeast From Vagina, Sends Twitter Into Meltdown

Blogger Bakes Sourdough Using Yeast From Vagina, Internet Explodes

A feminist blogger has used her own vaginal yeast to create sourdough bread.

Zoe Stavri discovered she had thrush and decided to do something about it - so she scraped some yeast off a dildo and popped it in a mixing bowl (as you do).

She then embarked on a mission to make bread with it.

The internet is divided by the baking extravaganza, which Stavri has live-blogged using the hashtag #CuntSourdough.

It all started off with a simple idea about having thrush and maybe using it to bake bread.

But then shit got serious.

"It’s caused quite a lot of visceral horror, because I bunged something a little bit unconventional in the starter: yeast from my vagina," Stavri wrote in a blog post, before sharing the recipe so others could join in on the baking action.

She then went on to explain that vaginal yeast isn't actually that gross.

"Making sourdough starter entails encouraging stuff that’s present in the flour and just sort of floating around in the air in your kitchen and on your utensils to grow," she explains.

"That’s what wild yeast is. If that idea sickens you, avoid all sourdough, because that’s what it’s made of, but remember, people have been making and eating sourdough for millennia, and the human race hasn’t died out yet. All I’ve done is add a little bit of my own yeast."

Stavri then goes on to explain how people need to stop being plain horrified at anything vagina-related.

Her sourdough experiment has managed to divide the internet. Some people think it's the best thing since, ahem, sliced bread.

While others aren't onboard with the idea.

Others have used it as an excuse to be downright offensive.

But Stavri hasn't let the haters get her down. Instead, she has continued to make sourdough and is posting her progress using the hashtag.

For those who now feel compelled to make their own special sourdough, Dr Helen Webberley from Oxford Online Pharmacy has issued a few words of caution.

She tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle: "While moulds and funguses have been used in cooking for years, we should never consider eating anything that could contain human genetic material.

"The vagina hosts numerous bacteria and organisms, some of which can be infective.

"This is clearly a health hazard."

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