The starter has been fed by bakers in the Cotswolds for generations – and has long outgrown its original jar.
There’s some magic behind the fermentation process.
They're surprisingly easy, and delicious.
When I first tried my hand at sourdough, I could have passed the loaves onto historical re-enactors to use as cannonballs. I'm a fair hand at most kinds of cooking but the talent for making a decent sourdough eluded me.
While others aren't onboard with the idea. Others have used it as an excuse to be downright offensive. But then shit got
Tabbouleh, a traditional Middle Eastern dish, offers dense nutrition and bold, delicious flavors. For the millions of people avoiding wheat, however, tabbouleh's inclusion of bulgur spoils the fun. Omitting the bulgur is an option, but swapping in germinated almonds is far more interesting. We'll get to the recipe, but first let's briefly give wheat the benefit of the doubt.