Guy Comes Out To His 'Conservative' Dad, And Gets The Most Heartwarming, Emotional Text In Response

A 20-year-old whose 'conservative' father found out his son was gay on Snapchat has shared the touching, emotional response he received from his dad.

Writing on Reddit, Brett said: "So my dad texted me first because he saw something "troubling" on snapchat. I had called myself a f****t in my snap chat story when I was drunk and one of my siblings must have showed him. He asked me if it was true that I was gay and I said yes. Then I received this text the next day."

The emotional story has prompted numerous responses and outpourings of support.

One Reddit user wrote: "That's awesome he is so supportive! This gives me motivation to come out to my conservative dad." Another added: "I'm still nervous, and as I came out to myself about a month ago, I'm gonna give myself some time first. But it's great to see that everyone can be supportive."

While a third said: "Congrats! That's so heart-warming. I hope my dad can react the same way. I'm coming out next Friday to him."

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