Turkey Releases Audio Of Military's 'Warning' To Russian Plane Of Air-Space Violation

Audio Reveals Turkish Military's 'Warning' To Russian Plane Before It Was Shot Down

The Turkish military has released audio of what it claims is the warning it gave to the Russian plane before it was shot down.

It refutes Russia's claim the the plane was given no warning and was not in Turkey's airspace when it was destroyed, the Turkish said.

Despite being told to "re-direct" their flight-path by armed forces, the pair of Russian pilots breached Turkish airspace for 17 seconds, before their plane was shot down.

One of the pilots was killed by gunfire as he parachuted to saftey; the other was rescued and maintains their plane did not violate Turkey's border.

Moments before the SU-24 bomber was attacked, though, both were heard being told to alter direction.

"This is Turkish air-force speaking on guard," someone says in the audio released by the Turkish. "You are approaching Turkish airspace - change your heading south immediately."

The plane was soon after hit by a missile from a Turkish F-16 fighter jet on Tuesday, crashing into a close-by mountainside on Syrian soil.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out in the aftermath, describing the downing of one of his nation's aircraft being used to bomb Syria as a "stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists".


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