Russell Howard's Good News Takes On America's Obsession With Guns

Applications for gun permits in the US have skyrocketed since the atrocious terror attacks in Paris, and there's been no shortage whatsoever of rifle-toting right wing pundits saying "this all wouldn't have happened if those Frenchies had Uzis".

The religious conservative gun nuts have even created "holy assault rifles" adorned with Christian symbols so that "when a Muslim terrorist grabs it, a bolt of lightning knocks him dead right on the spot".

Which obviously got this reaction from Russell Howard:

And when he heard the company were also printing psalms on their weapons, Howard said: "You can write anything on a gun, that doesn't make it Christian! You can write God on a dildo, that doesn't make it religious!"

And the "fully automatic" setting is even labelled "God wills it". Lordy lord.

Russell suggested a different inscription:

"Put the guns down you redneck cousin fuckers!"

He then went on to make the poignant point that anyone encouraging others to take up arms in the name of faith is doing exactly what Isis are doing.

Bravo, Russell.