Black Friday 2015 Sees Orderly Queuing Prevail Over Awful Traditional Chaos

British manners have finally prevailed and successfully fended off the awful American tradition of Black Friday carnage.

While scenes Stateside have in the past descended into farcical rampages over tank tops...

And led to such abhorrent behaviour bleeding over the Atlantic into our local Asda stores...

This year the Great British public remained steadfast and resolute in their insistence to wait their turn, in scenes sure to be remembered alongside such greats as Dunkirk, the Diamond Jubilee and that time David Cameron ate a hot dog with a knife and fork.


In the North anyway - down South no one even had the decency to turn up.


This isn't to say the near-mythical shopping event has been a flop, not by any stretch.

Just look at this real-time total, presumably fuelled by jolly Brits sat at their computers with a lovely cup of tea and one, possibly even two crumpets (it is Friday after all) free from all that horrid violence and anarchy.


Here's some more token US violence just to remind you of just how lucky we are to live in a decent country such as ours.

So fellow UK-dwellers, peruse these pictures, sit back and positively beam with pride as you bask in the orderly and civilised way in which a country famous for teacakes, Stilton and a colonial hangover does shopping.

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