Conservative MP Bob Stewart Calls Isis 'Bastards' During Debate With Owen Jones On ITV

A lively debate on British intervention in Syria during an episode of ITV's This Morning saw Conservative MP Bob Stewart make a passionate slip of the tongue.

Owen Jones and Julia Hartley-Brewer also joined the politician in discussion over whether Jeremy Corbyn should be allowed to vote on military intervention.

But the key moment was when Stewart made a final rallying cry to rid the UK of Islamic State: "In the end, if our country is threatened by these bastards we've got to do something about it and that's what our armed forces are there to do," he said.

Colonel Bob Stewart slipped up during a passionate cry for military intervention

Presenter Ruth Langsford reacted with bemusement as Eamon Holmes urged those watching at home not to be offended by the swearing on the family-friendly show.

Earlier on the programme, Stewart hit out at Guardian columnist Jones after he described direct action in Syria as "a token British contribution."

The MP retorted: "Some might say it's more of a potent gesture" before telling Jones it's about our allied states. "It means so much if Britain join them, we need to join the game," he said.

The debate came as David Cameron is rallying to gain support for direct action against the Islamic State (IS), before a vote takes place in the Commons next week.