Muscles, Penis Size And Height: Male Body Image Pressures As Described By You

We Asked Men About The Types Of Body Image Pressures They Feel And There's A Recurring Theme
Man looking in his underwear with magnifying glass
AndreyPopov via Getty Images
Man looking in his underwear with magnifying glass

Ask a bunch of men what body image pressures they feel and there is one undeniable theme running throughout.

This sums it up...

Yup, everything needs to be... more.




This last one opened a whole can of self-confidence worms and highlighted some pretty tough realities for the shorter man.

And things got even more shocking with the revelation of a certain Twitter account.

Here are some "highlights* of that feed.

Yeah, that's just not on.

Thankfully there were some pretty inspiring words on hand.

As for penis size, well...

Not that that stopped people suggesting things anyway...

Don't do either of those things. And don't bother Googling this.

There was another biggie that came up.


And he wasn't alone.

But once again, there was comfort.

Bravo chaps.

And then this came up.

Fortunately, someone was on hand to explain the term perfectly.

In conclusion...

Well said.