male body image

'In the boys’ world, we are decades behind what has happened with girls.'
We may open up conversations with our daughters about how they feel about their bodies, but when was the last time you did
'Eating disorders can affect anyone, and gender is not a factor.'
It’s no secret that eating disorders affect a large proportion of women compared to men, however the divide isn’t as big
If you looked at the average man on a billboard - washboard abs, chiseled jaw and eyes like swimming pools - it's pretty
“Shaggy, messy hair. Scars.” - Mastifyr “I am basing this off of what I think men might be self-conscious about and I don’t
bmm banner.jpg I do remember at the time that anorexia and bulimia were well covered, almost clichéd topics in the press. But always, always, the concern was for women. Boys just didn't have these problems. My parents never noticed; they haven't since. I don't expect they ever will.
bmm banner.jpg As so-called 'daddy makeovers' continue to rise, the word from surgeons suggests this may be nudged by the decline of the hipster. The once popular bushy-bearded 'hyper-masculine' (or 'lumbersexual') aesthetic is falling out of favour, replaced by the more sleek and sculpted adonis that graces the covers of men's fashion magazines.