Princess Charlotte's Fuddlewuddle Soft Toy Sells Out In Various Outlets After Being Pictured In Royal Photos

Princess Charlotte's cuddly toy she was recently pictured with has - yep you guessed it - sold out at various outlets.

The six-month-old was captured smiling happily at a soft puppy toy in the recently released photos taken by the Duchess of Cambridge and it wasn't long before the toy was identified.

The puppy is one of Jellycat's Fuddlewuddles - a toy with super soft fur suitable for children of all ages.

The Fuddlewuddle toy can be bought as an elephant, puppy, donkey, lion, bunny or a cat.

Brothers William and Thomas Gatacre who founded the toy company Jellycat confirmed the news.

"Yes, that's out Fuddlewuddle Puppy. The pictures look lovely," William said according to Woman's Day.

On John Lewis, the toy, which retails at £17, is out of stock.

The National Gallery Company, who reportedly were quick to act in letting their customers know they had the toy on sale, has also sold out of the puppy.

And if that wasn't enough, Amazon have sold out of the little dog, too.

The Princess seems to be following in her brother's footsteps, as many of his outfits (including these Crocs) have sold out after the Prince was pictured wearing them.

Princess Charlotte's Christening

Princess Charlotte's Christening