Isis Are The 'Fascists Of Our Time' And MPs Should Vote For Airstrikes, Says Dan Jarvis


Dan Jarvis, the Labour MP and former British Army officer, has urged his colleagues in parliament to vote in favour of expanding airstrikes against Isis from Iraq into Syria.

During a ten-and-a-half hour Commons debate on Wednesday, Jarvis used a well received speech to describe Isis as the "fascists of our time".

Labour is deeply split on the issue of whether to support David Cameron's plan for airstrikes. Jeremy Corbyn is opposed, however much of the shadow cabinet is in favour.

Jarvis said: "My party, the Labour Party, has a proud tradition of standing up for the national interest when our country is under threat.

"When the war cabinet met in 1940, it was the Labour ministers Clement Atlee and Arthur Greenwood that tipped the balance in favour of resisting Nazism.

"Daesh are fascists of our time and I believe there is still a dignity in uniting with our allies in common cause against a common enemy in defence of our common humanity."

Earlier today, Jarvis, who is often spoken of as a future Labour leader, attacked the "shameful" abuse Labour MPs who planned to vote in favour of military strikes had been receiving from Labour activists.

"There are strong opinions on both sides of this debate what I do regret is the tone and atmosphere in which we are now having it there has been some shameful bullying and intimidation of people to try and make them vote in a particular way," he said.

"There is no doubt that many of my colleagues have been submitted to a shameful level of intimidation and abuse."

Jarvis said it was "completely unacceptable and hugely regrettable we have to stand up against it".

He added: "Labour MPs should be allowed to get on and make the decision that they believe to be right. They should be able to make it without the shameful level of intimidation and abuse they have been receiving."