02/12/2015 07:22 GMT | Updated 03/12/2015 07:59 GMT

Stephen Fry Tells MPs Ahead Of Syria Airstrikes Vote: 'Do What Isis Least Want You To Do'

Lauren Hurley/PA Wire
Stephen Fry unveils a Blue Plaque at 103 Woodside in Wimbledon, the former home of Historical novelist Georgette Heyer.

Comedian Stephen Fry has spoken out on the historic vote which could see Britain go to war with Islamic State in Syria.

The 'QI' frontman took to social media to issue MPs with a stern warning, advising them that you should always "do what your enemy least wants you to do".

His comments come amid claims from some pundits that further military intervention in the Middle East could be playing into the hands of Isis fighters hoping to receive Syrians radicalised by further bombs raining on their homeland.

Fry appeared to lambast David Cameron's attempt to "destroy" IS militants by calling those who oppose airstrikes in the region as "terrorist sympathisers" - a remark the Prime Minister was widely criticised for.

Of those who claimed responsibility for the recent Paris attacks, Fry said: "Here we are stumbling towards what they MOST want us to do."

He also posted a link to HuffPost Comedy's 'The clear case for bombing Syria', published earlier this week.

Satirical points include: "All previous such interventions - Iraq, Libya - have totally stabalised those countries, rendered them peaceful and reduced radicalisation" and "Bombing ISIL is supported by all right-thinking people such as President Assad".

A vote on whether to bomb IS in Syria, scheduled to take place after a hefty 10.5 hour debate session on Wednesday, is expected to be close, but only called by the Prime Minister because he expects he can win it.

At least four Conservative MPs have said they will be joining the SNP, Greens and numerous Lib Dems in opposing the government's motion which would extend air strikes currently being employed by RAF fighter jets in Afghanistan to Syria.


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