John McCain Calls RAF A 'Token' Force That Will 'Drop A Few Bomb' In Syria Should It Join The Fight

McCain Calls RAF A 'Token' Force That Will 'Drop A Few Bombs' In Syria

Former Republican presidential nominee John McCain said on Wednesday the extension of British military bombing into Syria would amount to "some token aircraft" that would not make "a significant difference” in the fight against the Islamic State.

Speaking to the BBC, the Arizona Senator said it would be useful to have the UK on board as an ally, however a British campaign would only represent "a few bombs" dropped by the RAF.

John McCain: 'I'm glad of it, thank you, we appreciate it'

“Then we will have some token aircraft over there from the British and they'll drop a few bombs, and we'll say thank you very much,” he said. “The president will be able to say 'now we have the British who will be helping us', and that's good."

The war veteran, who contested the 2008 presidential race against Barack Obama, added that he appreciated “support from our British friends,” albeit insignificant.

“Air strikes alone won't win a conflict but it's good to have increased air strikes, it's good to have increased air activities, it's good to have shows of support from our British friends," he noted. "So I'm glad of it, thank you, we appreciate it! But to say that it's going to make a significant difference, no I've got to be a little more candid than that."

British MPs are scheduled to hold a vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday evening on whether British forces currently bombing Isis in Iraq will be allowed to extend that campaign into Syria.


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