John McCain

McCain criticized the former president for dishing out another attack at the late senator.
"You're going to have to take that off," the president told Jeff Mason. The Reuters White House correspondent refused.
A report in the Atlantic has said multiple sources have verified claims that Donald Trump has made several disparaging comments about America’s war veterans who died or were captured, including late senator John McCain. The president has strenuously denied the claims.
Trump shows we are only ever a small step away from going from electing a black president, to crowds baying to send an American 'back' because she happens to be black, Diane Abbott writes.
The president has continued a long-running feud with John McCain, even though the lawmaker died last August.
Former presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush also paid tribute at memorial service.
President Donald Trump's response to 81-year-old's death has been heavily criticised.
Presidents and politicians honour John McCain after he dies of brain cancer aged 81