Woman Accidentally Dyes Asda Logo Into Her Hair

We've all been subject to some beauty disasters... but maybe none quite as funny as this one.

Asda shopper Rebecca Richardson got more than she bargained for when she wrapped a plastic bag round her head as she dyed her hair...

Yep, that's the bright green ASDA logo imprinted into her bleach.

She took a photo of her dyeing fail and sent it to her brother, Craig, who then posted it on Facebook with the caption: "Made my day this. My sister dyeing her hair problems."

Rebecca told The Sun, "I just dyed my hair and I didn't want the hair dye going everywhere so thought I'll put a bag around my hair. Then that happened!

Luckily she saw the funny side as it washed out straight away.

"I bet it's happened to a few girls," she added.

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