Tattoos Made From Human Hair Are Now A Reality

Tattoos Made From Human Hair Are Now A Reality

Want the ultimate personalised tattoo? A way to have your loved ones become part of you forever?

It's now possible thanks to tattoo ink made from human hair.

Skin 46 is a new company hoping to create a global market for ink made from "human genetic material", which could be available as soon as January 2016.

Inventor, 54-year-old Andreas Wampl from Switzerland, is willing to prove his creation is safe by using his own skin as a testing ground - getting a tattoo made from the hair of his two children.

Speaking to HuffPost UK Style, Wampl said: "I am quite exited to receive this tattoo, but also it is a strange feeling - the fact, that I will have my children visible and physical in me."

Wampl says his product is made by taking the carbon from hair and using it to create a tattoo ink. It will only be available in the colour black.

Future customers will receive a collection box to send the hair to Switzerland, where Skin 46 will use a special process to create the ink.

Around a month later, the ink will be shipped back to them.

The expected price of the ink is $900 (around £600) per 15 ml — “enough to do quite a large tattoo," according to Wampl.

The company has yet to gain approval for the ink from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but Wampl claims they will be sending the final ink "for inspection and analysis" to the National Center of Toxicologic Research (one of the FDA's research centres).

Watch this space, we guess...


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