Student Complains About Scotland's Weather, Scottish Person Calls Him 'Racist'

It is practically a requisite to complain about the weather if you live in Britain. But not if you happen to reside in Scotland.

Oh no.

That's what one poor soul found out when he was slayed by a patriotic Scot for daring to voice negative feelings about God's country.

It all started with one innocent tweet from Aidan Kerr, history student at Glasgow University, and, for his wee sins, reportedly a 'Yes' campaigner.

On any other day, Kerr's tweet would probably have disappeared into the ether, consigned forever to the depths of his tweet timeline.

But, it was not to be. Eagle-eyed Alison Douglas, proud Scot and archaeology student, pulled Kerr up on his defiance, and put him straight.

But, before you ask, Douglas is *not* a nationalist.

As one Scotland-based journalist put it..