Lenny Henry Mistaken For Ainsley Harriott By ITV News In Knighthood Report

ITV News apologised on Friday after using footage of celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott to illustrate a story about comedian Lenny Henry's newly received knighthood.

The ITV Lunchtime News used clips from Henry's career in comedy as part of a report on the confirmation at Buckingham Palace, which took place on Friday morning.

But the broadcaster carried footage of the former 'Ready, Steady, Cook' presenter instead of Henry while the comedian spoke about the commendation to its reporter.

The programme’s viewers quickly noticed the mistake.

People tweeted to say that the channel's '+1' service carried a caption instead of the report.

Watch the mistake as it was broadcast above.

An ITV News spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “ITV News apologises for the error broadcast in the lunchtime news package today regarding Sir Lenny Henry’s knighthood at the palace.

"This was the result of an error in the production process in a piece intended to celebrate Sir Lenny’s significant achievements in British entertainment.”

It also tweeted its apology.