Ultimate Christmas Party Survival Guide For First Timers

How To Not Make An Arse Of Yourself At The Christmas Party

Tis the season to be jolly party.

With Chrimbo party season in full swing, we've pulled together some top tips so that you and your work pals can get crunk, shake some booty and avoid making complete arses of yourselves.

Nobody wants to be the 'talk of the office' now, do they?

Unless you want to end up face down on the floor because a stick-on Pavarotti belly made you lose your balance and fall off the bar counter...

Yes, it happens.

Just don't get legless, as that's when knickers go on display. And nobody wants that.

Leave that grumpy face at home.

Show 'em what you got.

No matter how sexy you think you look, sometimes it's just not okay.

Unless you want to feel like this the next day...

As much as we love a sky scraper heel, sometimes there are stairs and things.

You're totes going to fall.

Unless you want to be slumped in your chair and catching forty winks by 9pm.

Vom-ing 'cause you're too crunk isn't cool.

Or gossip. Or do cartwheels. Or cry.

If the booze is on the house then you definitely don't want to miss out on that. Do you?

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