Doberman 'Star Wars' Costume Turns Pincher Into Stoormtrooper

A 'Star Wars' fan has created an incredible dog costume, turning her Doberman into a Stormtrooper.

Sabrina Ridler spent hundreds of hours painstakingly making the bespoke costume for her beloved four-year-old named Penny Bark-Bark.

The incredible full-body costume turns the massive Doberman Pincher into one of the evil Galactic Empire's finest, covering her head-to-toe in the iconic white and black uniform.

Penny Bark-Bark takes a 'Star' turn

The well-behaved hound would look at home on any Death Star when she wears the incredible costume a which even includes a helmet.

Proud owner Sabrina said: "Penny is now a proud member of Stormtrooper Ranch".


'Star Wars' Doberman Stormtrooper