Family-Of-Eight Win Christmas With Epic Dance Routine

Forget Christmas cards, this family's annual tradition is to dance - because nothing gets the festive times rolling like a bodypop (or ten).

For the past four years, the Orgill family have performed their own dance routine to Christmas songs.

This year, they've taken things up a notch and have boogied on down to Justin Bieber's 'Santa Clause Is Coming To Town' - much to the delight of the internet.

The eight siblings, who are all donning their mum's quirky Christmas jumpers, can be seen shaking it up in the living room to a specially-made dance routine.

And we have to admit, they've absolutely nailed it.

The video was uploaded to Facebook and YouTube by Ammon Orgill, who is one of the siblings featured in the video. It has since been viewed more than three million times.

He told that it's an annual tradition for the family to come together and perform a dance.

"Our family has actually loved making videos together since we were very young. Our parents would have us put on funny little plays and then videotape us just for fun," he said.

Naturally, making dance videos was the next step.

The family is made up of five siblings by birth, three adopted siblings, as well as their spouses and grandchildren.

Orgill added: "We are all really different individuals in many ways and have our share of familial stress and conflict. But the really great thing about our family - and that our parents really need to be given credit for - is that we know how to put these differences aside and just love each other.

"We would all do anything for each other, and I think that love and togetherness really shows in our video."