Students 'Age' Themselves To Highlight Growing Student Debt

How Old Will You Be When You've Paid Off Your Student Loan?

Students are aging themselves in order to highlight to MPs just how long it will take to pay off their student loans.

It will now take students more than 30 years to pay off their student debt according to the National Union of Students (NUS).

As part of its #CutTheCosts campaign which launched this July the NUS is asking students to make it "as clear as possible" to the government how much of a burden debt.

They want students to demonstrate just how long it will take them to repay the loans.

NUS says that students can 'age' their selfie by using the phone app 'AgingBooth' and then tweet the photo to their MP under the hashtag #CutTheCosts.

NUS national president Megan Dunn expressed her anger at how the government has “failed to recognise” the impact of scrapping maintenance grants and that it is “an enormous change” that would affect thousands of students.

Speaking about this week's lobby, she said: “It will give students a chance to make their voices heard. NUS is calling on MPs to listen to students who are struggling to make ends meet and facing a future of debt.

“The most marginalised students would be the worst affected and could even be shut out of the education system completely. This would be a devastating outcome stemming from a poorly researched decision.

“NUS believes the Government should be cutting the cost of education, not plunging students further into debt.”


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