Student protest

Blasts of Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ at the march say it all.
Hundreds of outraged Bath University students have marched through campus to protest the six-figure “golden goodbye” handed
Students are aging themselves in order to highlight to MPs just how long it will take to pay off their student loans. It
Striking pictures from the student demonstration which marched through central London on Wednesday show the moment a policeman
After the building was surrounded, demonstrators tweeted they had been contained by police, with many expressing their disdain
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All it needs is a reminder of what Nick Clegg's done, of our betrayal. A reminder that £6000 fees aren't good enough, that a graduate tax isn't good enough. A reminder of the intrinsic value of education. And a reminder that the fight must continue.
This weekend, I am celebrating International Women's Day with fellow women and non-binary activists inside an occupation of Senate House, the administrative heart of the University of London. As I look around at these people, with whom I am united in common goals of free and liberated education, an end to austerity and the protection of workers' rights, I am reminded why radical spaces like these are so important.
Police have been accused of using "extreme, disproportionate" violence against a group of Warwick University students after
The vultures are circling at King's College London. Management have taken the controversial step to axe up to 120 staff in the College's health schools in August. The cuts come at a time of high student dissatisfaction and a plummeting reputation in national university rankings...