Single Mum With Cancer Told Chemo Stopped Working, Funds Are Raised For 'Miracle' Son She'll Leave Behind

Single Mum With Cancer Will Leave Behind 'Miracle' Son

A single mum diagnosed with a rare form of cancer is heartbroken after being told chemotherapy will no longer work for her, meaning she will have to leave behind her "miracle" son.

Having survived ovarian cancer, Kelly Morris, 40, was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in May 2015.

Doctors removed the tumour, but on 3 December Morris was told the chemotherapy had stopped working and she would now only be offered palliative care.

Family and friends set up a "trust fund" for her son Jacob, whom Morris fell pregnant with after being told she couldn't have children.

Morris was told it was "extremely unlikely" she'd ever fall pregnant

Best friend Lloyd Green told HuffPost UK Parents: "It is devastating to be losing such a beautiful friend whom so many hold so dear.

"Kelly a single mum, will be leaving behind her beautiful four-year-old son Jacob who adores his mummy and just wants her for Christmas."

Morris, from Kent, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2010 and had one of her ovaries removed. At this point she was told it was "extremely unlikely" she would be able to have children.

Green explained: "Three months after her ovary was removed and she had the all clear, a little miracle happened.

"On her first routine check up, they found she was pregnant. She was so, so pleased and calls Jacob her 'little miracle boy'".

Kelly during chemotherapy

In May 2015 while on holiday, Morris started suffering severe headaches and upon returning home she went to the doctor who referred her for a head scan.

After the scan, Morris was told she had a tumour on her brain and doctors would need to run further tests.

Green said: "After they completed the tests they discovered Kelly had multiple tumours on the sternum, collar bone and breast.

"They believed cancer was in her lymph nodes and explained to Kelly that she had a very rare form of cancer called CUP which is Cancer of Undiagnosed Primary source.

"They successfully removed the tumour in her brain in July 2015 and Kelly was started on chemotherapy immediately.

"For the first seven months the chemotherapy was holding the cancer at bay, however in November 2015 Kelly was rushed into hospital as she was unable to stand."

Kelly has been trying to make Christmas special for Jacob

On 3 December, Morris met with her consultant and was told the chemotherapy had stopped working and the cancer had started to spread again.

She was told she would now only be offered palliative care and should "get her affairs in order".

Green, along with other friends and family, decided to start raising funds for Morris' son Jacob.

Initially they kept their efforts a secret from Morris, but she has since been told about it.

He said: "We started a donation site so Kelly is able to leave some money in trust for Jacob or make some special memories with him before she goes.

"We want Kelly to be able to leave us knowing Jacob will be looked after."

On 10 December, the funds were at £2,695 - over half of their target of £5,000.

Green and Morris

Strangers have commented upon learning Morris' story. One person who donated £20 wrote:

"I don't know you and have never met you but am so touched by your courage. Lots of love," wrote one person who donated £20.

Another person wrote: "Even though we haven't actually met it's clear that you are a very special lady. Your huge sense of humour and kick arse attitude in your posts have not only made me smile but also cry.

"Your great family and network of friends who help with Jacob make him a very lucky boy."