Danny Dyer Dubs Donald Trump On Twitter And It's Magical

Danny Dyer has once more used his talents to amuse the Twitterati, dubbing a voice over of Donald Trump.

Earlier this week the ‘EastEnders’ actor used social media to hit out at comments made by the presidential hopeful after Trump said that no Muslims should be allowed to enter the US.

On Friday he mocked up his own version of the media-mogul… and the results are hilarious.

A news report plays in the backdrop of the video showing Trump making his infamous statement on the people of faith.

Whilst Dyer can be heard over the back of the footage pretending to voice the Republican in a Cockney accent.

"It's Friday today - is it Friday? Anyway no Muslims on a Friday I’m afraid. Err, you know just no Muslims on a Friday, they're alright on a Thursday but not a Friday," the actor said in a mocking tone.

The actor's video follows Trump's controversial statement that the US should block all Muslims from entering the country, claiming it was his temporary proposal in response to terrorism.

Coming to his own defence, Trump used President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s authorisation of the detention of Japanese, German and Italian immigrants during World War II as an example.

Prime Minister David Cameron issued a response to the comments, breaking a convention that stops British leaders commenting on US presidential politics, to condemn Trump's remarks.

"The prime minister completely disagrees with the comments which are divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong," said Cameron's spokeswoman, Helen Bower.

Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader who has attracted his own share of criticism for his views on immigration, told the BBC that Trump's "knee-jerk reaction" to ban Muslims from entering America was "perhaps for him a political mistake too far."