11/12/2015 14:30 GMT | Updated 11/12/2015 15:59 GMT

Syrian Nationals Arrested In Geneva After Traces Of Explosives Found In Car

Security forces stop a van at the check vehicles arriving at Geneva's airoport on December 10, 2015, after police raised the alert level and searched the city for several suspected jihadists believed to have links to the Islamic State (IS) group, security sources said. Security services in the Canton of Geneva said they received information on December 9 from Swiss federal authorities about suspicious individuals in the Geneva area. The Tribune de Geneve, in an unconfirmed report, said the intel

Two Syrian nationals were arrested in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday after traces of explosives were reportedly found in their vehicle.

The news was reported by the ‘Tribune de Geneve’ newspaper and the Swiss public broadcaster RTS, though no further details surrounding the arrests were provided.

Swiss police have been on high alert in recent days, looking for four suspects wanted in connection with the massacre in Paris last month. No connection between the alert and Friday's arrests has so far been suggested.

According to AP, Geneva security department spokeswoman Emmanuelle Lo Verso declined to comment on the RTS report, deferring to judicial officials handling an investigation. A spokesman for the city prosecutor's office did not immediately respond to AP's calls seeking comment.