This marks a new world-record price at auction.
Toilets near a bank vault in the city were stuffed with 500-euro bills.
"We could restore useful communication in completely locked-in states"
Four patients with complete locked-in syndrome have finally been able to communicate with those around them. Doctors at the
Government are said to be one step closer to a ban.
The UN is set to tackle the issue of killer robots amid concerns from Silicon Valley leaders and human rights organisations
What can we do? We can will our time, money and attention towards this, this quality in human nature, in our own natures, in these institutions, and the untold and unsung millions working for the greater good. Thus, we and our children may yet see the time when the phoenix rises from the ashes. So, do take that thought into your day with your morning coffee. Where there's a will, we may still find the way.
Perched in a idyllic location on the banks of Lake Geneva, surrounded by 10 acres of park and woodland, La Reserve feels a million miles away from the nearby city. Designed by Phillip Stark and French designer Jacques Garcia, the resort-style hotel evokes, as it's name suggests, an African game lodge. Leopard print carpets, rare butterfly displays...
Two Syrian nationals were arrested in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday after traces of explosives were reportedly found in
If a judicial mechanism cannot be delivered, the UN Security Council meeting must be used as an opportunity to make the judicial process as accountable as possible. It must be used to set concrete and measurable targets for improving the lives of Tamil people in Sri Lanka.