Australian Hangover Clinic Promises To Cure You In An Hour With IV Drips And Vitamin Cocktails

Australia has opened it's first ever hangover clinic. And we want in.

At the Sydney-based clinic, medical specialists are on hand to nurse hungover patients back to health within the space of an hour.

But getting one's weekend back after a night on the lash comes at a hefty cost, with prices ranging from $140-$200 (that's roughly £67-£95 per visit).

At the Hangover Clinic, doctors will assess patients before each visit and, depending on their symptoms, they will be offered treatment.

This can include being hooked up to an IV drip, having oxygen therapy or receiving a vitamin cocktail to get them back on their feet.

Prices start from $140 (that's about £67) and those who are feeling particularly fragile can go all-out with a one-hour treatment for $200 (£95).

Max Petro from the Hangover Clinic told 3 News that they set up the clinic after realising there's a lot of people who just "can't drink like they used to".

Despite its best intentions, the clinic has come under fire as people fear it will encourage binge drinking among young Australians.

But Petro insisted this isn't the case.

He said: "We don't sell any alcohol. There's no one binge drinking in our clinic. We're just there to make sure people can get on with their day."

We reckon it's only a matter of time before this comes to the UK. And when it does, we'll be ready.

For those who don't have the cash to buy a plane ticket the day after their Christmas party, London-based nutritionist Jo Travers has offered her tips for tackling a hangover.

She told HuffPost UK Lifestyle: "I like to have water (for rehydration which is often the reason for a hangover headache) then a balance of carbs, protein and fat, in that order.

"When you drink, your liver prioritises detoxifying the alcohol at the expense of some of its other functions.

"One of those functions is to make some glucose if blood sugar runs low which may happen when you are asleep. Low blood sugar can make you shaky, tired, weak and irritable and when you feel this with a hangover it may be partly due to hypoglycaemia so eating some carbs is a good idea.

"Juice would work here, but I have a savoury tooth and personally prefer hash browns, partly because they taste nice and partly because potatoes also contain potassium which is often lost in urine because alcohol is a diuretic."

She added: "Protein will help slow down the release of sugar from the potatoes so you get a drip feed of sugar to the blood rather than a rush followed by a crash (the last thing you need when you already feel awful). I like eggs.

"Fat for me is found in the egg yolks and the hash browns, a small amount that helps everything taste better and feel better in the mouth, i.e. it helps me get it all down when I'm feeling rough so I can get the benefit of the other things."

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