David Walliams And Joanna Lumley Become Paul Hollywood And Mary Berry From 'Great British Bake Off' For 'Walliams And Friends' Sketch (PICS)

Paul Hollywood And Mary Berry Are Looking A Little... Different

If you’ve seen photos of ‘Great British Bake Off’ judge Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry floating around the internet looking a little different to usual, that’s because it’s not actually them.

In fact, it’s David Walliams and Joanna Lumley, who have undergone a special makeover, as part of the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge’s forthcoming sketch show, ‘Walliams And Friends’.


The two parody the ‘Bake Off’ judges in one episode of the series, throwing around cheeky remarks and innuendos like they’re going out of fashion.


As reported in The Mirror, there are plenty of references to “sticky buns”, “soggy bottoms” and Mary’s “amazing technique”.

However, given the near-the-knuckle humour David showed off in his previous sketch shows, ‘Rock Profile’ and ‘Little Britain’, we think that could well be the tip of the iceberg.

Paul and Mary as they are more regularly seen

In other sketches, David and Joanna become newsreaders, and in another parody period dramas, with the comedian becoming Oscar Wilde.

In another of the more surreal moments of the show, the ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ actress is shown surrounded by a gaggle of actors, all dressed as her.

David Walliams has out-David Walliamsed himself

‘Walliams And Friends’, which also stars Thaila Zucchi, Mike Wozniak and Morgana Robinson, is due to air on Christmas Eve, at 10pm on BBC One.

Next year will see Joanna hitting the big screen to play Patsy Stone, in a film adaptation of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, while David will be returning to ‘BGT’ for the talent show’s tenth series next spring.


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