Nadiya Hussain Wins 'Great British Bake Off' And 29 More Memorable Reality TV Moments Of 2015 (PICS)

It’s fair to say that 2015 has been a year of jaw-dropping rows, stunning performances and ridiculous stunts in the world of reality TV, kicking off with ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in January, and going right through to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ this winter.

Nearly a year later, and we’re still recovering from what was ultimately the most tense series of ‘CBB’ in the show’s 14-year history, with not one, not two but three housemates leaving by the back door, and more rows than we could possibly even begin to keep up with.

That was followed by ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, which started off innocently enough, but wound up being plagued by controversy thanks to its canine winner, and ‘Great British Bake Off’, which still managed to pull in staggeringly-high ratings, despite not quite reaching the feverish madness of last year’s ‘Bin Gate’.

Four of the most memorable moments from this year's biggest reality TV shows

Then there was ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, which kicked off by delivering us one of - let’s face it - the least impressive celebrity line-ups we’ve seen in a long while, but ended up becoming must-see TV, thanks to the strength of its contestants (and its fair share of behind-the-scenes goss).

And then there was ‘The X Factor’ which brought in some brand new faces in a bid to shake things up, though the jury’s still out on how successfully Simon Cowell pulled it off.

Either way, over the past 12 months, we’ve laughed, and we’ve cried. We’ve shouted at the telly, and we’ve fallen silent. We’ve gasped, and we’ve rolled our eyes. Here are our 30 most memorable reality TV moments of 2015...

'Great British Bake Off' - Nadiya Triumphs

Top 30 Reality TV Moments Of 2015

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