Don't Set An Emoji As Your Password Or You'll Get Locked Out Of Your Own Computer

Definitive Proof That Using Emojis As Mac Passwords Can End Very Badly

So we'd like to take a moment and thank Artiom Dashisnky. In trying to explore the extreme fringe of personal security he has categorically given us one tip to live by: Emojis make terrible passwords.

More specifically, emojis on any Apple Mac or iMac that's still running Yosemite.

Dashisnky thought it would be a great idea to try and set his Mac's password as an emoji, an impressive and unusual idea that he was surprised to learn is actually possible on a Mac that hasn't yet updated to Apple's new El Capitan software.

Sadly just moments after smugly setting the password, Dashisnky tried to log into his Mac after locking it. He couldn't, and that's because Mac's don't recognise emojis as characters on the login screen.

To make matters worse, Dashisnky had FileVault enabled which means that his entire hard-drive is wrapped up in more layers of security that Fort Knox making it almost impossible to unlock without somehow entering said emoji.

Not one to be put off by a challenge, Dashisnky went straight to the internet to share his story, ask for help and in turn warn anyone before they decided to have the same bright idea that he had.

There's good news though, if you've updated your Mac to El Capitan then Apple has closed this rather odd loophole removing the ability to set an emoji as a password.


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