Apple Launches Racially Diverse Emoji With New iOS Update

Apple's new iOS beta has revealed that the company will bring a significantly more diverse range of emojis to the keyboard, allowing users to hold down on a particular emoji and select the one that best reflects your skin tone.

Bad news if you have red hair, though: you're still not represented.

The new range of emojis were discovered when Apple released iOS 8.3 beta 2 to its developers. Within hours potential app developers had scoured through the code and found a number of new features.

Among the other changes (and in typical Apple style) it's also replaced emoji featuring watches with emoji featuring... the Apple Watch.

9to5Mac reports that in addition to the new diverse emojis, Apple's next major software update will include wireless connectivity to Apple CarPlay, improved login procedures for people using Google services and an all-new voice for Siri.

This would seemingly confirm that Apple will focus a lot of its next software update on improving current features, rather than introducing anything completely new.

Earlier reports from sources had suggested that Apple has been keen to iron out a lot of the kinks that have developed over the years due to the quick turnaround that iOS has to go through each year.

iOS 8 suffered a number of major problems on launch which resulted in Apple having to turn off its HealthKit application while pushing out a number of emergency updates.

The company will be hoping that with a year spent on increased stability and speed they can avoid a similar incident happening in the future.