Syrian Refugee Facebook Meme Gets Torn Apart With Brilliant Riposte


The meme - weapon of choice for many an armchair social commentator as they seek to inflict their intolerance on others with pathetically pithy prejudice.

Take Nick. Nick would like to persuade us that we shouldn't accept any Syrian refugees at all using the medium of confectionary.

Fortunately Dean is on hand to parry with a riposte that uses an analogy we can all relate to bit more than M&Ms - actual human beings.

Those poisoned M&M's. Again.

Posted by Dean Haigh on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bravo Dean, bravo.

Here's a bit of context to the current refugee crisis and some info on what these people are actually fleeing from.

The chart above shows the the origin countries of the 19,196 people who claimed asylum in the UK from January to July of 2015.

Eritrea - 2,034 (10.5%)

Where U

Before You Go