Newcastle Schoolgirl Branded 'Terrorist' Gives Moving Speech Against Islamophobia

Muslim Schoolgirl Branded 'Terrorist' Gives Moving Speech About Islamophobia

A Newcastle schoolgirl who was branded a "terrorist" by fellow students in the wake of the Paris attacks has spoken out against Islamophobia in a moving school assembly.

Isra Mohammed, 15, told classmates at Kenton School: "Terrorism has no religion and terrorism is not the face of Islam."

The Muslim teen says she and her siblings were blamed for the terrorist attacks in France in November, with her brother being told: "Your religion is killing people."

“People come to me telling me that because I am a Muslim, I am a terrorist," Mohammed said in the speech, which has been watched more than 5,000 times online.

“I have a seven-year-old sister who came home from school crying. When I asked why, she said people in school were blaming her for the Paris attacks. She said that she didn’t want to go back."

In the rousing speech to teachers and pupils, the GCSE student explained the difference between Isis and Islam.

"Islam is a beautiful religion, just like many others. It is a religion of peace and mercy.

"Isis is a terrorist organisation. They cause nothing but harm and terror to the world," she continued.

Isra told of how she and her siblings were bullied in the wake of the Paris attacks

"Isis have one goal. They want countries like ours to reject Muslims. This evil organisation have in their minds that if they can get Muslims [to appear as] the enemy of the west, then Muslims in France, the UK, America and Australia will have nowhere to turn but to Isis.

"So if you are someone with a Facebook account, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, or any form of social media, which I'm sure everyone here has, and you are throwing out masses of hate, you are helping Isis. You are supporting ISIS. This is what they want.

"Think about it - do you want to be the person helping a terrorist organisation?

Mohammed told the assembly that Islamophobia could be tackled by learning about each other's religions and by refusing to make assumptions.

The teen finished the speech by simply stating: "My name is Isra Mohammed, I am a Muslim and I am not a terrorist."

Mohammed decided to make the speech after an assembly given by English and Media teacher Jessica Griffiths on asylum seekers.

Griffiths, who helped Mohammed with her speech, told the ChronicleLive: “Her speech has inspired so many students and members of staff and the reaction online has been phenomenal. We have also had three other schools contact us to ask if Isra can speak there.

“I know she wants to become a doctor but she could be a future Prime Minister," the teacher added.


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